Monday, June 6, 2011

Tropes, Traditions, and What's Working So Far

Okay, one more post over here for today. Recently, I've been thinking about the structure of The Story so far, and while I don't have fun, catchy names for tropes the way they do on TV Tropes (you know, the best movie/tv/book deconstruction site evar - not "deconstruction" in the sense of, like, deconstructionism, but just...pulling things apart and looking at the bits), I do want to try to list the ones I've found so far.

We have:

An Ancient Evil

Some Traitors

A School for Magically-Gifted Youngsters

A Matriarchy

An Indolent Long-Lived Race

An Arranged Marriage

A Stubborn Queen

A Magical Blight

An Exile

There are more, but those are the really big ones I could think of right now. I think knowing what the big ones are will make turning some of them on their heads a bit easier, when we're going back and editing. Because while this is, in many ways, a very traditional fantasy story, we don't want it to be too traditional.

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